Vintage postcards

Found in the house of trash.
Vintage postcards. Giacomo Agostini, Joël Queirel on a Husqvarna 400, unknown Russian iceracer.


Spiderman motorcycle: real and toy

Photo real bike:crash-racing.com/paint.html
photo toy bike: GeekOrthodox

Popeye the motorman ?

Hubley Manufacturing Company was founded in 1894 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The first toys Hubley produced were made of cast iron. Early models included horse drawn wagons and various toy guns. As transportation modes changed Hubley began to manufacture toys to follow suit, including numerous cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles. Many of the most expensive Hubley toys sold at auction have been motorcycles, in fact. All Hubley toys were painted by hand.
Because the value of Hubley’s older cast iron toys can extend to well over $100,000 at auction, reproductions have been introduced into the secondary marketplace. It’s wise to have Hubley toys authenticated before paying a high price for them, or buy from a reputable dealer who will stand behind their claim of authenticity.

The Hubley Popeye motorcycle shown here sold at Morphy Auctions in September 2008 for $18,400.00.

Photo + text: http://antiques.about.com/od/onlinepriceguides/ss/aa051309.htm

OCC / Siemens first electric chopper

* First electric chopper by Orange County Choppers
* Recycled materials
* Advanced DC Motors Inc. Series Wound 8" motor
* LED lighting by OSRAM SYLVANIA, a Siemens company
* 27 Peak horsepower and maximum speed of 100 MPH
* Range of 60 miles on a single charge
* On-board charger that can be plugged into any 110-volt outlet
Photos: Jason DeCrow / AP Images for Siemens


Motorcyle concept with three inline wheels

Frenchman designer Julien Rondinaud has projected a motorcyle concept with three inline wheels. (Irrrritating music (?) in video 2)

Biker gang movie parody

Classic biker gang movie parody from the 60s: No words... and no wheels!


Manga & motorcycles

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto - scooter girls
Misato - Honda Monkey z50J from 1975
Photo's: http://www.moggling.com/category/manga/

She devils on wheels

We are the hellcats nobody likes! Man-Eaters on motorbikes! We own this road so you better get lost when you hear the roar of our cut-out exhaust! Bug off or you'll find that you have blown your mind! Get off the road!
"She devils on wheels" a 60s cult classic movie by Herschell Gordon Lewis about a female biker gang, so you don't have to watch "Easy rider" again.

Electric - motor - cycle 2 Mission Motors

Photo's: http://www.ridemission.com/

Motorcycle Jesus

Motorcycle Jesus! Second coming soon !

cigarette motorcycle

From India, a cigarette shaped motorcycle as part of a campaign to stop smoking.
Definitely an eye catcher, but I suspect, not so well handling in the curves.

Tin can of Joe bar team motor oil

Tin can of Joe bar team motor oil, found at a vintage motorcycle fair.
Photo's: Motorcycle 74

Vintage plastic motorcycle toy 60s

Vintage plastic motorcycle toy (Police), brand motorcycle: Honda, made in Japan, 60s (private collection)
Photo's: Motorcycle 74


Motorcycle songs 01 - The 5 6 7 8s - Motor Cycle Go-Go-Go

Because... we are so tired of the "Born to be wild" bikersong cliché.
The alternatives...
The - Motor Cycle Go-Go-Go !
A trio of retro rock & rolling women out of Tokyo Japan.