1908 progenitor of the scooter

"Auto- Fauteuil" 1908 model “Tour” 490cc watercooled monocilinder frame

The Chair Car is viewed as one of the progenitors of the scooter.

It was produced by the firm Georges Gauthier and Cie. The company was located at 23 Quai Henri-Chavigny in Blois, in the Loir-et-Cher. Production began in 1902, originally with different types of Dion Bouton engines. Around 1906 the machine had obtained its final form and was then fitted with its own type Gauthier block, that option could be provided by solenoid or battery-coil ignition.
There was also the choice between different types of engines, with or without water cooling. Production ended in the early 20's.
In the brochure the company was immediately clear that the Auto-chair was not a motorcycle nor a car, but a light car on two wheels that the benefits of both car and motorcycle united in itself, without the disadvantages of having two vehicles.
(The author here was wisely not much further.)
The machine was designed for people from a particular social group: castle owners, doctors, notaries, lawyers and priests were specifically mentioned.
These were, says the brochure, a certain dignity in people who had their dress radiate.
That dignity was on a regular motorcycle in jeopardy?
Technically, the Auto-chair very interesting: the low seating position was obtained by applying small wheels, the seat was actually very comfortable suspension and the suspension was provided by two coil springs.
The machine was started with a crank and had a clutch, operated by the right handle.
The exhaust cared if necessary the heating rate and the machine was very ahead of his time with the centerstand mounted.
While the vehicle after the first World technically sound dated, early 20's gave the manufacturer still has all his 20 years supplied Auto-Chairs could modernize.
This is an unusual veteran older restoration and has a Dutch registration.

Pictures & text : yesterdays.nl

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