Old mopeds - Oude brommers

Oudebrommers (Dutch for “old mopeds”) is a neat informative site about mopeds.

In the days that cars and even motorcycles were too expensive for the common man, mopeds were very popular in Holland. It was faster then a bicycle and you didn’t need a drivers licence… In the 60’s, 1 out of 3 families had a moped.
This site (in Dutch) offers lots of photo’s, brochure scans, technical data and information on the subject.

Did you know that MIELE, the famous German brand of domestic (and industrial) appliances, made mopeds during the 1930 – 1960 era? In the fifties Miele was even one of the largest producers of light motorcycles in Germany.

For the non Dutch speaking: check out the photo’s and brochures (in alphabetical order).

All pictures: www.oudebrommers.nl

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