MotorCircus - Mission Manx - From Berlin to Isle of man

A documentary about a journey from Berlin to the Isle of Man Classic TT. www.motor-circus.com

Vintage scooter - The art of Jan Van Der Veken

Nice drawing of the Belgian Illustrator Jan Van Der Veken www.janvanderveken.be http://fabricagrafica.tumblr.com/

Dougie Lampkin rides the ice hotel

Dougie Lampkin brings the sport of Motorcycle Trials to the vast arctic landscape of Northern Finland, challenging himself on frozen obstacles and taking on a hotel made entirely of ice.

Nozem Satan Black - Dutch Custom drag bike

A Nozem motorbike is an oldschool dragbike
A unique designed chassis using a Gsxr1100W donor engine.
A bike that has Retro-elements interwoven with modern technology
It is built using a carefully designed 'self build kit'
This motorbike has been created based on the design philosophy that function follows form.

More info & sales: nozemmotorbike.com

La Muerte

Bijschrift toevoegen


Some graphics from the Belgian alternative rock band La Muerte.

Source: lamuerte.be


Stories of bike

This whole thing started, as most personal projects start I suppose, out of frustration. Back in 2012, I had just seen two fantastic short films "Solus" by Lossa Engineering and "Chabott Engineering (Shinya Kimura)" by Henrik Hansen and was simultaneously blown away how well these films were made and frustrated that there weren't more like them. Soon after, I found the occasional short bike film. But they tended to be much the same. About a builder, working with his hands and why he or she builds and rides the bikes they do. I could never find a video that went further back than that. I wanted to hear their story that got them there. Not just builders, but every day riders and their bikes. Their histories, their dreams, challenges, loves and losses. I wanted to see these stories and how riding a bike makes it all better. But I'm no film maker. I had made a few family videos here and there and had a camera that could shoot video. It wasn't until a series of catalytlismic events that drove me to decide that, if no one else was going to make the videos that I wanted to see, I would. So I created this video series. Just so I could see your bikes and hear your stories. The Stories of Bike team is pretty small. It's just me and my youngest brother, Jack. I seek the stories, produce, shoot and edit while my brother writes original score. It takes about 3 weeks to produce an episode with 3-4 days of shooting and 2 weeks of editing and music writing. It's a big effort for two guys who live in two separate states to do, but we have some great help from every rider who features in an episode and the Sydney Cafe Racers, who have been a huge source of ongoing support. This is Stories of Bike.

More video's, stories & pics ? Visit storiesofbike.com

 Source: storiesofbike.com


The Marquis - new motorcycle blog

Italian (Milano) newcommer in motorcycle blogland: The Marquis.
Visual very stylish & artistic blog, also very good reads on personal thoughts on motorcycle life.
Start your engine & ride to:  themarquisblogger.wordpress.com

Mid-century Agip petrol station - Milano

Built between 1951 and 1953, on a project by Mario Bacciocchi, this Agip petrol station was working till the middle of the ’80s. Then it became a mechanic/tyre dealer. Now not more in use, it’s in a quite central square in Milano.

Photo's & text: themarquis

Source: themarquisblogger.wordpress.com