Classic trial SSDT 1957

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Rock, Moor & River Motorcycle Sports In Yorkshire - 1950's

Features footage from the Allan Jefferies Trophy Trial, The Scott, Ilkley Grand National, Road Racing at Esholt Park. Commentator is Allan Jefferies, Issued to be made by the Bradford & District Motorcycle Club back in the day. The footage was passed onto me by Tony Armstrong in the format of a VHS tape sound quality was poor and picture quality was also poor. Originally this was on 8mm film which was converted by Tony and was given by Mr Woods. Now it's been cleaned the best I can and put into the digital world for all you to enjoy. www.bradfordtrials.org

40th International Six Days Trial - 20-25 September 1965

40th International Six Days Trial
20-25 September 1965, The first one at Isle of Man
A presentation by Shell Oil Company

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Vintage motorcycle toys