MotorCircus - Mission Manx - From Berlin to Isle of man

A documentary about a journey from Berlin to the Isle of Man Classic TT. www.motor-circus.com

Vintage scooter - The art of Jan Van Der Veken

Nice drawing of the Belgian Illustrator Jan Van Der Veken www.janvanderveken.be http://fabricagrafica.tumblr.com/

Dougie Lampkin rides the ice hotel

Dougie Lampkin brings the sport of Motorcycle Trials to the vast arctic landscape of Northern Finland, challenging himself on frozen obstacles and taking on a hotel made entirely of ice.

Nozem Satan Black - Dutch Custom drag bike

A Nozem motorbike is an oldschool dragbike
A unique designed chassis using a Gsxr1100W donor engine.
A bike that has Retro-elements interwoven with modern technology
It is built using a carefully designed 'self build kit'
This motorbike has been created based on the design philosophy that function follows form.

More info & sales: nozemmotorbike.com

La Muerte

Bijschrift toevoegen


Some graphics from the Belgian alternative rock band La Muerte.

Source: lamuerte.be