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2013 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Source / photo's : pipeburn.com

Info: gentlemansride.com

Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker's bar

All photo's above by Bart Madson - motorcycle-usa.com


Info: Wikipedia - Eddie Rickenbacker

Cafe racers in Japan - Video documentary

Cafe Racers Japan is a short documentary film exploring a day in the life of Tokyo`s cafe racer scene combining interviews, visual imagery and music to create a unique and atmospheric short film.

Deus Ex Machina - Surf Motorcycle

Why not combine the cool of surf and the cool of motorcycles?
Deus Ex Machina thought so. Ride the motorcycle to the beach and go surf !



Photo's via Deus Ex Machina

deuscustoms.com Surf 01


Jerry Fish on a Triumph

Photo by Celine O’Sullivan
Source: jerry-fish.com

Official Video 'Barefoot $ Free' by Jerry Fish
Video by www.geppetto.ie
Writer / Director / Editor / D.O.P: Paul Mahon
Animation / Post-Production: Moises Oliveira & Ricardo Kump
Source: jerry-fish.com

Suzuki GS750 by Wrenchmonkees

Engine rebuilt. WM heat resistant custom paint. WM megatron muffler. Aprox 85 HP. RWU 36 mm front fork. Standard swingarm. Cast alloy rims, 3.50 x 17 front - 4.50 x 17 rear. Tires - 120/60-17 front - 160/60-17 rear. WM rear end. WM seat. WM front fender. WM rearlight. WM headlight/fairing.

Source / Info: wrenchmonkees.com


The best bar in America

Film info : bestbarinamerica.com

FOTT presents - Better than Breakfast - Moto and The City

Director & cinematographer: Alexander Khudokon
Production: Stereotactic Facebook.com/stereotacticmoscow
Assistant camera Maxim Tomash
Editor: Alexander Khudokon

WINGS - a film about the retro motorcycle

This film is about the thrill of retro customization of a yamaha xs 650 and a kawasaki kz750.
Made by Merrild RED Motion Pictures merrildphoto.com

Blitz Motorcycles Film -Long live the Kings

Blitz Motorcycles: blitz-motorcycles.com

Lawless motorcycles

Video: Lawless, Jakarta, Indonesia
Music: Motörhead - Whorehouse Blues
Site: lawlessjakarta.com

Volbeat - 16 dollars

I Malamondo

Music: The Dukes, Try to understand, 1965, The Netherlands Video: I Malamondo, 1965, Italy

ICON 1000 Iron Lung - A Harley Davidson Sportster Custom

She was an accident waiting to happen. 600 pounds of American coke fired iron, riding on weather-checked English rubber. Cracking femurs or rupturing internal organs were her specialties, and she had done so on more than one occasion. The Iron Lung, a 1991 Harley Sportster road-racer, was a vision of what never was, in response to a question that was never asked.