Ogri - Classic British biker comic

If France has Joe Bar Team, England has Ogri. Less known (on the Continent) but twice as good. Ogri is a comic book character created by Paul Sample in the 70s. Drawn in a style familiar to Robert Crumb and the also very British, Carl Giles. Sample's drawings are highly detailed, especially with the little animals who have a second story within the stories. The stories themselves are highly motorcycle life like, but smart and funny, you can not come up with this stuff unless you ride yourself.
The character Ogri is the cafe-racer motorcycle (anti-) hero, together with his little white dog named Kickstart. Another main character is Malcolm, he is the nerdy sidekick who looks up at Ogri, wants to be like Ogri, a cool biker, but he gets it all wrong, all the way, all the time. Paul Samples Ogri is not all too political correct towards women, traffic police, sunday bikers and the establishment in general, but all with a good "tongue in cheek" sense of humour.
Must haves !
Recommended by Motorcycle 74

Info: paulsample-ogri.co.uk
Info: wikipedia.org

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