ICY RIDERS: ice road movie


It's again the season of ice and snow, what better things to do then riding a motorbike, with no brakes, on ice?
No brakes? Yes! With 200 razor sharp spikes on each tyre, more then 120km/u in the freezing cold.
Welcome to the world of ice racing or ice speedway.
A motorsport not for the faint of heart.

During three years, documentary filmmaker Bengt Löfgren, followed drivers, mechanics and audience in the glorious world of Ice Speedway. The result became a warm and humoristic roadmovie that takes us from rural Sweden to a freezing cold Siberia.

"ICY RIDERS" is an unusual documentary / Ice road movie carefully made by Bengt Löfgren about the Swedish ice racer, Per Olof Serenius on his trips through Northern and Eastern Europe for ice races. As a documentary it gives a nice insight of this ice cold sport and as a movie it's very enjoyable to see.

More info and DVD order: www.icespeedwaymovie.com

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