The Field - Steam Bike - 1908

Start-Up Procedure

1.  Fill main tank with water and low-lead petrol
2.  Fill metholated tray for pre-heating vaporiser
3.  Pump up fuel pressure to 20psi
4.  Footpump 10 strokes to prime generator
5.  Stand back and let someone else light metholated tray
6.  Steam pressure will rise on pre-heater
7.  Turn on main fuel fire valve and set main flame.
This flame burns continuously, there is no provision for a pilot.
8.  Let steam build and lightly run engine.
This will replenish automatically water and fuel.
9.  Boiler safety valve is set at 610psi.
10.  To progress gently move cut off lever and PRAY.  This cut off lever can also be used for  emergency stops as it totally excludes steam admission to engine. Also there is a handlebar controlled steam dump valve link to the top of the safety valve.
11.  Steam to engine is controlled by handlebar lever control.
12.  Brakes are fitted as per era??

Via: steamcar.net - field

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