Petrolheads unite ! Bikers & car & truck drivers unite !

French motorbikers, car drivers, truckdrivers and everybody who needs a petrol fueled vehicle to go to work or make a living is getting tired of the gouvernment (policy) of bullying them with radar and camera control, traject control and expensive fines for the slightest traffic offence.
Obviously, the failing supernational state of  Europe is going bankrupt rapidly, so extra taxes are needed to fund the legion of non elected EU officials.
The most easy way to do that is traffic control and fines. All in the name of traffic security and a greener environment. But in fact, the only and real goal is to seperate you and your money.

Do as the French : Unite and take action !

FFMC - Fédération Française des Motards en Colère (French federation of angry motorbikers)

Union for road users

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