KTM scooters

KTM Ponny Scooter
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KTM Ponny ScooterVia: lurvely.com

KTM Mirabel 125 Luxus - 1954

KTM Hercules (Ponny) 1979

This is a 1977 ktm hercules scooter, also sold as the ktm super ponny ii. although very rare in the uk, these scooters have a cult following on mainland Europe. Built in austria it is virtually identical to the original model brought out in 1963; this styling is typical of German scooters from the late 50's and early 60's. the engineering is very Germanic too - this is a very weighty and solid machine. The engine is a 49cc sachs (2 stroke).

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1962 KTM Ponny II Super IV DDeluxe
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KTM Mecky 50ccm 1958
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