America's first all-electric motocross track

The first electric motor cross track in the U.S. (Penrose, North Carolina)

That MX - motocross is a noisy business, is quite clear. Neighbours complain about the noise often supported by the local "green party" to take this complaints into court, however the MX track was in most cases there before this "green" people moved in the neighbourhood and so a lot MX tracks in Europe are threatened with closure. 

Electric MX - Zero motorcycles - Video from another track

The Darkgreenmotorsports 1,400 meter track in Penrose, North Carolina opened in October 2011 and was designed with the help of experienced motocross riders to try and make sure that beginners and experienced riders alike would get something special from a visit. Told company founder Stephen Salzman.

Is electric the future of motorsports? If so Darkgreenmotorsports, takes a headstart.
Although  I will be missing the smell of gasoline in the morning...

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